Meccaniche Veneziane

Alberto and Alessandro Morelli are the two Venetian brothers that co-founded Meccaniche Veneziane, and the brand, although featuring Swiss Made watches with Swiss mechanical movements, is very much Italian based, with all of their straps handcrafted in Tuscany, rich color choices typical of Italian-inspired designs, and even the hand-made solid walnut wooden boxes the watches are delivered in coming from Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the Venice area. The name "Meccaniche Veneziane" itself means "Venetian Mechanics", very apt for a brand offering mechanical watches, and the brand's logo comes from the cross on the top of St. Mark's Campanile, one of Venice's most famous landmarks.

Meccaniche Veneziane's success through Kickstarter has been nothing short of meteoric. Their first campaign in July 2017, for the MV Nereide, had over 600 backers, and their second follow-up campaign quickly after in October 2017, for the MV Arsenale snagged approximately 250 more backers. Just a year later, their October 2018 campaign, for the MV Nereide GMT, landed over 800 backers, raising almost €500,000 / $565,000 USD on Kickstarter alone.

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