Aevum Timepieces

Aevum Timepieces is a one man microbrand run by Bryan Farquharson, who not only produces some awesome automotive-inspired timepieces, which he assembles himself, but also hand makes all of the brand's leather straps with their unique tire tread pattern, carefully selecting the leathers, dying, cutting and stitching each one individually. Bryan is very hands on, and you can clearly see the personal touches in his work. He is currently learning CNC machining as he hopes to be able to machine his own watch cases in future as well.

Originally located in Canada, Aevum Timepieces recently relocated to Japan, so we tend to think of this watch microbrand as both a Canadian microbrand (since it originates in Canada and is run by a Canadian) and a Japanese microbrand too. Bryan's technical expertise and experience in automotive racing is very much front and center when it comes to Aevum's designs, with other unique touches that we've never seen before, such as the camshaft degree wheel markings on the chapter ring of some of Aevum's watches. If you're looking for an automotive-themed watch, we recommend checking out our Aevum Timepieces.