Arcturus Watches

Arcturus is a Singaporean brand, and is the brainchild of Alexander Ian Loh. You can sense his pride in his community as the first watch he produced was the Lion City version 1, (LC-1,) a modern art-deco style dress watch with some unusual features, that is named after Singapore, the Lion City. ("Singapura" is the Malay name for the city, derived from Sanskrit, which means "Lion City".)

The LC-1 mother-of-pearl limited editions have proven to be exceptionally popular. As well as succeeding on Kickstarter, Alexander almost instantly sold out as soon as these watches started reaching backers. Luckily we were able to pre-pay for a quantity before the watches were produced. Please note that no more of these specific mother-of-pearl models will be made. 

This sense of pride has continued into his second venture, which we also hope to carry in future when it comes to market, a dive watch modeled after a particular warship in the Singaporean navy. The video below will give you a sneak peak of what's next from Arcturus, as well as telling the story of how Alexander got into the watch making business, and giving you a closer look at the Arcturus LC-1.