Henry Archer

It sometimes surprises microbrand watch enthusiasts when they learn that Henry Archer is a Danish microbrand. The brand name is a direct English translation of the microbrand founder's name, Henrik Schødt. Henrik is personally involved in every aspect of his business from design, to marketing, to order fulfillment and customer service, and we've found that he has a phenomenal attention to detail when it comes to interacting with his customers. A true microbrand at it's best.

Henrik's attention to detail can also been seen in the watches that Henry Archer produces, where Henrik's background in the 3D and product visualization industry really shows, with very clean and uncluttered designs that often allow a vibrant yet impeccably balanced and sophisticated combination of colors to grab your eye. Many of Henrik's designs present some of the best color combinations we've seen coming from any watch brand, be it mainstream or microbrand.