Egard Watches

Égard Watches (Egard Watch Company) is a small family-run American microbrand led by father and son Peter and Ilan, who are based in Toronto (Canada) and Florida (USA) respectively, with final watch assembly taking place in the United States. The pair have been producing adventurous microbrand watch designs since 2012, a number of which have caught the eye of our store's founder, Neil, who was happy to add a variety of Egard watches to his personal collection. This included the Égard Phase 1 Tourbillon, which immediately became Neil's favorite tourbillon timepiece.

Since then, Neil has been working with Egard, providing suggestions for an improved tourbillon model, which became the limited edition Égard Phase 2 Tourbillon. Fast forward a year or two and we're excited to be carrying Egard's Phase 2 Tourbillon in The Microbrand Store™ and we very much look forward to seeing what Egard Watches come up with in future, having seen some of their exciting new designs and unusual material choices.