Manufaktur Waldhoff

Manufaktur Waldhoff are a little different to most watch microbrands, and more of an amazingly synergistic partnership between a Swiss microbrand entrepreneur and a very experienced watchmaker with an established production facility in Pforzheim, the capital of German watching making. All of the watches are assembled, tested rigorously and regulated in Germany by one of the very best production facilities, which also produces watches for a number of other Swiss and German brands too. 

Swiss-based Nicolas Lehotzky manages the design of Waldhoff's watches, is the face of Manufaktur Waldhoff, and likely the person most folks will interact with when dealing with the company. Not just the driving force behind the business, Nicolas is keen to engage with customers and has listened to feedback from both The Microbrand Store and other backers' carefully, making discrete minor changes and improvements to the watch designs. As such we feel very comfortable with the level of customer service from this brand.

His counterpart in Pforzheim is Manfred Starck, who handles the production and technical back-end. Manfred originally started out working for STOWA, and brings approximately 40 years' professional watchmaking experience to the table. He also has his own company that has produced watches for quite a few well known brands such as BMW, BWC-SWISS and Mercedes.