Manufaktur Waldhoff

Manufaktur Waldhoff is owned and operated by Starck-Uhren, a business run by it's namesake Manfred Starck, out of Pforzheim, Germany, the capital of German watchmaking, where the business has their own atelier workshop. Manfred has decades of experience in the watch industry, and has worked on a number of luxury Swiss and German brands after getting his start at Stowa, one of the most famous German watch brands. We've found the quality of these watches to be generally excellent, which is why we selected this long-established business for our microbrand tourbillon timepiece offerings.

One of the main selling points of Manufaktur Waldhoff is their claim that they assemble all of their watches in Starck-Uhren's own workshop in Germany. As such all of their timepieces proudly proclaim "Made in Germany" on the dial. Manufaktur Waldhoff's Co-Director, Nicolas Lehotzsky, who seems to exclusively be managing this microbrand, is however based in Hong Kong, and all of our shipments (20 orders over several years, probably around $250k USD worth of goods) plus all of Waldhoff's tourbillon warranty work is completely from there. Due to this, plus Nicolas's surprising offer in September 2020 to assemble the Waldhoff Imperial in Hong Kong for us, (still with "Made in Germany" on the dial,) and other issues, we've notified Waldhoff that when we sell out of our existing Waldhoffs, we won't be restocking, and we'll then cease as an authorized dealer for this brand.

Consequently this is a great opportunity to pick up a Waldhoff watch from The Microbrand Store with some discount pricing on our remaining limited edition and store exclusive stock. For someone looking for a quality built tourbillon timepiece at less than Swiss tourbillon model pricing, we still think that Waldhoff offer the best quality microbrand tourbillon builds we've yet seen.