Viqueria Watches

Founded in 2017 by two friends and fellow watch enthusiasts, Nicolò Debenedictis and Omar Dimauro, Viqueria is a watch microbrand named after the Italian city of Voghera, where both of them are based. In ancient times, Voghera was known to the Romans as Viqueria. As such, Viqueria is very much an Italian watch microbrand, and we think this heritage shows in the rich colors in many of Viqueria's designs – Italian styling at it's best.

Nicolò and Omar's involvement in the watch industry goes back to 2012 when they founded 2DStraps, a very well respected watch strap company known for producing handmade straps might from high quality Tuscan leather. 2DStraps has become extremely popular with many microbrand watch collectors, so we've made sure that all of the watches we offer from Viqueria will come with premium handmade Italian leather rally straps from 2DStraps, as well as 316L marine grade steel bracelets.