Minor Watches

Minor Watches is a family-run Spanish microbrand, named after the founders' grandfather, Santiago Salgado Menor, who was passionate about watchmaking. The three founders, Héctor, Santi and César, launched Minor Watches in 2018, shortly before their grandfather passed in early 2019. Since then, Minor Watches has established a reputation for providing quality timepieces.

Although Minor Watches are based in Spain, and the microbrand also utilizes Jacob Straps for their hand-made leather straps, (one of the most renowned Spanish strapmakers who are famous for their soft and supple straps,) Minor's watches are all Swiss Made, with final assembly in Switzerland using Swiss movements. This gives us the perfect marriage between a small, family-run microbrand with a personal touch and some unique designs with small limited editions, and superb Swiss engineering from a factory that also produces popular Swiss movements used in mainstream brands and microbrands alike.