Pre-Order Watches

Pre-orders are usually when a microbrand wants buyers to pre-pay for their watches before they're actually produced. This way, a microbrand (which may not have enough funding or isn't big enough to risk ordering a production run without sales) can obtain the funds necessary from a number of buyers to place an order at a factory for the production run. Factories require a minimum order quantity of typically 100 or more timepieces.

The benefit to the buyer is that, in return for paying in advance, and having to wait until enough pre-orders are placed and for the production to be completed, which can be some months, the buyer gets a significant break on the price and doesn't have to pay the full retail price.

Normally with systems such as Kickstarter, once the pre-order is paid for, the buyer can't get a refund and carries the risk of the product being heavily delayed or the microbrand not being able to produce the product in the end. We've got you covered at The Microbrand Store. We've already pre-paid in bulk for a number of these pre-order timepieces, and you can order them from us and obtain a full refund at any time, right up until the day before we ship your watch to you. Our only exception to this policy is if you have ordered a unique customization such as for example your name on the watch.