Owner's Watch Box

All of the other watches we feature on our site were purchased new from microbrands for direct resale to our customers, and typically come with their manufacturer's warranty. The Owner's Watch Box collection instead consists of new and used watches that have been in the personal collection of the store's owner. Some may come with a manufacturer's warranty, but all come with our own supplemental warranty coverage, making buying second hand at The Microbrand Store a safer option than shopping elsewhere such as on eBay or in private groups.

All of the watches sold here are in great condition and won't have any scuffs or flaws unless specifically noted. Some have never been worn. Some have been extremely lightly worn in a large rotation. (Our owner has quite an extensive collection that's constantly changing.) In addition to microbrands, you may find some very collectible more mainstream timepieces here such as the highly sought after Seiko Alpinist, (SARB017,) where the owner had one he wore on occasion, and he also bought a spare the day it was announced that the SARB017 had been discontinued, the spare being kept in it's original box and never worn or used.

At times there may be no watches listed for sale in the Owner's Watch Box. We suggest checking back frequently as the collection is constantly evolving and new listings will appear from time-to-time, but may be snapped up quickly. You might even find the same models that we've sold new elsewhere in the store, in a like new or almost new condition, but with a substantial discount here.

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