Mercer Watch Co.

Scott Vuocolo is the name behind the Mercer Watch Co., a watch microbrand founded in 2014. Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Mercer's offices are just a few miles from where Hugh Mercer, a doctor and Brigadier General in the Continental Army and namesake for the company, met his demise in the Battle of Princeton. This is subtly picked up on by the star motif signature on Mercer's crowns, denoting the 1 star rank of a brigadier general.

Common to several other microbrands, Scott got into watchmaking when he became disillusioned with the high prices of several watches he was looking to purchase, and started sketching out what he'd like to see in a watch. From there, Mercer's first model, and still it's best seller, the Brigadier was born, with it's distinctive polished bezel and inset guilloché pattern.

Since then Mercer have branched into a wider range of watch styles including chronographs, hand wounds with gorgeous exhibition case backs, dive watches, and GMTs, but always with a consistent focus on a dressier style. The brand's promise: "We will not sell anything that we wouldn’t proudly wear ourselves."

Mercer unfortunately appear to have closed shop some time ago. If you're looking for a similar bi-compax chronograph to the Mercer Lexington with a great exhibition case back, please check out our Hemel Air Wings, which are roughly the same size, roughly the same price, from another US microbrand, and have the same movement but with a minor improvement.