Zelos Watches

It's no surprise that we carry a number of watch microbrands hailing from Singapore, as although Shenzhen and Switzerland may be the watch manufacturing meccas of the world, Singapore is by far the capital city of watch microbrands, with a greater concentration of new up-and-coming creative microbrands than we've seen in any other city. In Singapore, Zelos Watches sit squarely at the top of anyone's list looking to get acquainted with some of the regional microbrands, and are among the largest both in terms of sales volume and popularity.

Yet behind all of the success is just a single man, Elshan Tang, proving that you don't have to become a corporate entity to succeed, who still handles all customer enquiries personally, and who hasn't lost his passion for designing outstanding watches with unusual features such as blued timascus cases. (To our knowledge, no-one else has managed to create Damascene watch cases from titanium before.) Here you can see Elshan meeting with The Microbrand Store's owner for the first time and talking about some of the watches he has to offer.