PolAm Watch Company

The story behind the PolAm Watch Company is one we especially admire for not giving up a dream when faced with adversity. Joe Wichowski is the creator behind this microbrand, and like many others before him, took his dream of producing his first watch design to Kickstarter. Unfortunately for Joe, he ran his Kickstarter campaign at the worst possible time, during the December holiday season, when Kickstarter backers prefer to spend their spare cash on presents they can obtain quickly, or on holiday festivities. Consequently the campaign didn't do as well as it could have.

Instead of giving up, Joe was encouraged by some of the Kickstarter comments and took the plunge on his own, ordering the production run without having secured funding from backers. He set up a small shop on Etsy and started selling his timepieces by himself, one at a time. Since then PolAm's watches have been very well received, and are a firm favorite for many collectors.

PolAm watches are particularly distinguished by their Polish-American heritage. Although a US-based business, PolAm watches prominently feature the red and white color scheme found on Polish national symbols such as the Polish flag and coat of arms, with some models also prominently displaying the Polish eagle.