Black Friday 2022 Microbrand Watch Sale

Black Friday Super Sale

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Discount Codes

The following discount codes are additional savings on top of our already discounted store prices. Please note that these codes will expire at the end of our sale, on Monday 28th November at 11:59pm PST:

  • BFCM-M -  5% off all our microbrand watches, excluding pre-orders.
  • BFCM-C - 10% off all our chronographs, including the Zelos Vitesse.
  • BFCM-A - 15% off our Aerotec bronze watches.
  • BFCM-V - 20% off our Albert Villa limited edition dress watches.
  • BFCM-B - 30% off our Ballast Trafalgar timepieces.