Straton Watch Company

Since launching in 2015, Straton Watch Company has built a solid reputation as the number one go-to choice for those looking to get a 1970s inspired vintage-style automotive racing chronograph. Straton Watch Company have defined their niche in the microbrand watch world, and with every release, they seem to raise the bar higher and higher. It's not uncommon for these timepieces to sell out fairly quickly. Kyle Schut, the founder of this watch microbrand, doesn't compromise on quality and sometimes the next release is delayed for some time as Kyle works through numerous prototypes until they meet his exacting standards.

Typically Straton's watches watches come in two flavors: One is the highly sought after Swiss ETA / Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement, or a derivative of it. The other is a virtually identical looking watch (maybe slightly thinner) with an alternative mecha-quartz movement. Due to the complexity of chronographs, generally a mechanical movement like the Swiss Valjoux / ETA 7750 tends to be expensive, so providing essentially the same look with a mecha-quartz hybrid (part mechanical, part quartz,) is a welcome option for many buyers who love Straton's styling but are on a tight budget.

Straton Watch Company is a Swiss watch microbrand that continuously strives to innovate. We were particularly excited when Straton launched a bullhead version of the Straton Legera, the Straton Legera Bullhead, with both a 7750 derivative and mecha-quartz option. This has the crown at 12 o'clock with the pushers at the top either side, like the horns on a bull (hence the name.) We can't think of any other current microbrand that's doing this. The Straton Legera Bullhead is an exciting option for watch collectors who don't have a bullhead in their collection, and we can't wait to see what Straton comes up with next.