Spinnaker Watches

Spinnaker have become quite well known among microbrand watch collectors for offering a wide variety of interesting watches at extremely good price points. The secret behind this successful recipe is that the brand is actually one of many from a large international company that owns it's own production factory. By comparison a typical microbrand acts more like a designer and will have to pay a factory to produce watches for them, so Spinnaker cuts out the microbrand "man in the middle" and passes on some of the savings to their customers.

Technically not a microbrand in many folks' eyes, due to the volume of watches produced and the scale of the business, we feature them here for several reasons. First, as the brand is not so well known outside of microbrand circles, folks just assume Spinnaker is a microbrand, and the designs have a lot to offer and are extremely popular, so as a result we've been asked a number of times to stock them. Second there is no set definition of what exactly constitutes a microbrand, and we feel Spinnaker is in a grey area here. Clearly they're not a mainstream brand. They're not a household name or something you find in a department store, and primarily have their niche firmly in the microbrand world still.

It seems appropriate to us to include them here as our customers have asked for it, many of their designs show some great innovation, and they're generally lumped in with microbrands still by the rest of the microbrand community. Some will say they're a microbrand, others will not. We'll leave that up to you to decide.