Elegantsis / JSK Moto Co.

Founded in 1999, Elegantsis has been around a lot longer than most watch microbrands, and have built a solid reputation in their home market, where among other things, they've focused on producing military timepieces. 2016 was their breakout year when they began selling in other countries through various third party retailers, but they still remain a smaller-sized business.

We're particularly interested in their close collaboration with JSK Moto Co., a well-known custom motorcycle business based in California, to produce a unique line of watches, the JSK series, which are matched to specific custom bike builds. Imagine wearing a robust timepiece with a Swiss mechanical movement which has the same design DNA and colors as the bike you're riding. By far, one of the coolest ideas we've ever seen.

Several models in the JSK series are limited editions, and Elegantsis have almost sold out the entire series, which was a big hit on Kickstarter. At the time we placed our initial order, they only had 24 Rhodium Omega models and 10 Pyrite Ore models left, and the Sandstone Dune was completely sold out. However, with a little leg work, we were able to obtain three Sandstone Dunes from Elegantsis's owner, who was holding a few back as personal gifts.