Duckworth Prestex

Duckworth Prestex is a British microbrand that brings some interesting family history to the table. Neil Duckworth, the visionary behind this English microbrand, is a third generation entrepreneur in the watch business, and successfully launched TAG Heuer in the UK in 1982. Watches are very much his passion, and he has long wanted to launch his own brand of modern watches that are also a homage to the Prestex chronographs, pocket watches and dress watches that his family used to produce.

The family firm, Prestons, a jewelry business, was founded in 1869 and by the 1920s was producing it's own line of pocket watches under the Prestex name, making Prestex a watch microbrand that got it's start a century ago. When Neil's father took over in 1948, Prestons started selling Swiss watches from brands such as Omega and Rolex, and the lesser known Prestex brand faded away as Swiss watches became more popular.

We love the outstanding vintage look of these Duckworth Prestex watches that we've cherry picked for our microbrand watch collectors. Not only do these watches look fantastic, but you can clearly see careful references to Prestex models from the past, which means so much to Neil. Many microbrands have an interesting story behind them, and we think the Duckworth Prestex story is particularly personal, making these watches wonderful conversation pieces, adding to their already considerable charm.