Direnzo Watches

Sergio Godoy Di Renzo is the creative genius behind the Direnzo Watches brand. When Sergio moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 2014, he was working as an architect, and ended up taking a watch design course for fun. He hasn't looked back since.

Direnzo's first Kickstarter microbrand watch campaign got off the ground in 2017, and ended up funding in just 4 hours after it launched. The brand's second microbrand watch campaign, for the DRZ_02, which we think was the best designed watch on Kickstarter in 2018, funded in less than a minute, and was hugely successful. This was despite running at the worst time of the year for a Kickstarter watch campaign, at the start of the Christmas season.

Sergio has been able to utilize his awareness of form, space and balance as an architect to come up with some truly iconic designs which are exceptional. Coupled with an ideal location for the brand in Switzerland, and a strong focus on providing quality without cutting any corners, this can make Direnzo Watches limited editions highly sought after, and we wouldn't be surprised if they go up in value over time.