BOLDR Supply Co.

BOLDR's beginning pretty neatly sum up founders Travis Tan and Leon Leong's long term approach of always trying to do the right thing for their customers.

For their debut Kickstarter campaign, BOLDR had come up with an interesting smart watch, and the campaign quickly became very successful, and shot well past it's funding goal. However, before the campaign closed, BOLDR learnt that they would need regulatory certification for some of the communications technology the watch would use, and this would likely delay the project, plus the additional cost would mean cutting corners elsewhere. At this point, most microbrands would be tempted to steam ahead, take the significant amount of money that's on the table for them when the campaign closes, and try to work out a cost cutting solution while apologizing for the unforeseen extra delay. BOLDR instead took the brave and risky step of cancelling the campaign before it closed, so no funds were deducted from backers' credit cards, and apologizing to their would-be backers, explaining the situation candidly.

After the campaign was cancelled, the BOLDR team wondered if they'd blown an opportunity. They didn't give up however, and eventually came back to Kickstarter with a new watch, that was not a smart watch this time. Instead of having ruined an opportunity, the team found that backers had very much appreciated BOLDR looking out for their best interests, and that they'd started to build a loyal following. From there the rest is history, and the brand has since leaped from success to success with a growing range of offerings.