Spring Bar Tool & Bracelet Link Pin Remover

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We really love this tool as it's got a great grip and fulfills two essential functions, making it a must have for any watch owner who is looking to change a watch strap or alter the size of their watch bracelet. Why pay for a watchmaker or jeweler to do this for you when you can easily do this yourself!

One end of this tool has a fork that can be used to remove the spring bars on watch straps from where they attach to the watch case, and can also be used to remove buckles and clasps. The other end of the tool has a long pin that can be used to push out the pins in a metal watch bracelet so you can remove or add bracelet links to alter the size of the bracelet. It can also be used to more easily remove spring bars from watches that have drilled lugs.

Item Length: 8.3cm
Item Height: 8.3cm
Item Width: 0.2cm
Item Diameter: 0.4cm
Material: Stainless steel
Item Weight: 30g

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