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Phoibos Wave Master - BluePhoibos Wave Master - GreenPhoibos Wave Master - Black

To celebrate the store's opening last Monday, we're holding a Grand Opening Sale this month, with most watches on sale, many with deep discounts.

Currently our best selling watches are the Phoibos Wave Masters, where you can pick up a 300 meter automatic with a sunburst wave-patterned dial, ceramic bezel, sapphire glass, and solid link bracelet with screwed pins, all for under $200 USD! These crazy prices won't last, especially if you consider we provide free worldwide shipping on all watches. We've already sold out on two of the models but have more stock en route to us, arriving in a day or two.

Draken's Kalahari is on sale at $120 off of RRPDraken's Kalahari is on sale at $120 off of RRPDraken's Kalahari is on sale at $120 off of RRPDraken's Kalahari is on sale at $120 off of RRPValimor's Caliburnus features gemstone dials in a range of colors

New Pre-Orders

If you've been following along since we launched, you'll have noticed a few additions to the store in the last day or so. We were already carrying the very popular Draken Kalahari which is on sale with steep savings of $120 USD off of the retail price.

To that we've added Valimor's Caliburnus this week, which is due out in October. This is another amazing design with some really unusual dials made from jasper, lapis lazuli and granite. We've made sure that all of the Caliburnus models we're carrying come with a free upgrade to sapphire glass as standard of course, and for those opting for the upcoming solid link bracelet, we should have some photography to share around the middle of this month.

A month or two ago we also arranged a deal for the Decima Scylla, which we'll also have up on pre-order towards the end of next week, so do check back regularly if you don't want to miss out on any deals. This is our favorite bronze diver and comes in a range of sunburst colors, blue, chocolate and sea green, all with a fumé effect with gradiated dials.

The specs on these are simply awesome: Swiss automatic movements, CuSn8 marine grade bronze for the best patinas, eight sided cases, twelve sided sloped ceramic bezels, with the bezel angle picking up on the high dome sapphire glass, and a lot of straps included: canvas, vintage leather, and natural rubber, plus 3x CuSn8 signed buckles, a vintage leather travel case to hold your goodies, and a few convenient extras such as a spring bar tool and our The Microbrand Store™ microfiber watch cleaning cloth.

Meccaniche Veneziane's New Nereide GMT

Sneak Preview

Folks have been asking what other brands we're adding, as we start to grow our list. This does take a little while to bring in since we don't drop ship, and hold all our stock before sending to our customers.

We're expecting a crate from Spinnaker, shipping this week, that includes some eagerly anticipated Bradners, Crofts, Hulls, Spences, Overboards and Wrecks.

We've also placed orders with Meccaniche Veneziane for their extremely popular Swiss Made Nereides in a variety of colors, and for their upcoming ETA-based GMTs. New hand wounds from Zelos and Legeras from Straton are also on the horizon.

A little bit further out, we may possibly have a store exclusive hand-wound with solid silver engraved dials from Wessex in the works too.

The Mercer Lexington's exhibition case back

Hidden Gems

Really we wish we could feature every watch on our home page, but we can't, so we'll feature one interesting off-page pick in each newsletter.

For our first newsletter, it's the Mercer Lexington Bi-Compax Chronograph. It's easy to miss this one. On the front it looks like a stylish panda dial chrono with a choice of three different color schemes. The gem though that makes this watch really stand out is the back of the watch, which is easy to miss if you're just browsing through watch faces in our store.

Here you'll find a large exhibition case back, designed to fully show off this hand-wound chronograph, with no rotor to get in the way of the wonderful view of all of the intricate cogs, wheels and levers. The movement is very nicely decorated with Côtes de Genève finishing, blued screws that nicely counterbalance the look of the jewels, and a colorful mix of brass and steel components for a gold and silver look. The real charm of the piece shows when you use the chronograph and can admire many parts of the movement in action.

Mechanical chronographs are always more expensive than their three-hand watch counterparts due to the extra complexity and additional parts involved. This timepiece though is very affordable, with pricing in the entry-level range, and an interesting history behind the movement, which is directly descended from the Swiss Venus 175.

We hope you're enjoying our new store as much as we've enjoyed hunting for interesting timepieces and getting to meet a lot of the creators behind our microbrands. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're a small family-run business who take pride in what we do, and who'd rather spend time helping our customers find what's right for them.

Please wear your watches in good health!


The Microbrand Store Team.

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